Back to Iceland – 2019 – Day Four

Neither of us got much sleep last night. The wind was howling and there was a lot of noise. At times it sounded like someone walking across the roof. The winds were in excess of 60 MPH. I don’t know high the wind gusts were. The wind let up a little in the morning but not the rain. We had to get over the mountains to reach Borgarnes. Fortunately the temperature rose and there was no snow on the mountain pass although it was windy, the rain was coming sideways and there as some fog. We made it across and decided to get to Borgarnes and just stay in the rest of the day. It rained hard all day so no pictures. Tomorrow we head back to Reykjavik. I have never been in rainy and windy conditions like we faced over the last two days. I can’t image what it would be like in a hurricane.

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