Back to Iceland – 2019 – Day 5

We made it to Keflavik airport, returned the rental car and got a cab to Reykjavik – an uneventful trip for once. The sun came up around 10:30 on our way to Reykjavik. Yes, we finally saw the sun. We got to our hotel in the city center and I went out to  explore the town. I went to some of my favorite areas in the center of the city. Some of this will be a repeat of last year.

There’s a lot of art work around Reykjavik. You come across murals on many buildings. Here are a few I saw. There are many more and you come upon them as you explore.


I went down to the harbor. A few large fishing boats were in. Fishing is an important part of the Icelandic economy. Fisk is the Icelandic work for fish. It’s nice to understand an Icelandic work for once. It was a nice calm day and a few whale watching boats were going out of the harbor.


From the harbor I walked along the bay to Harpa. Harpa concert hall is a meeting and entertainment center. I have to visit this building every time I’m in Reykjavik. I building is very unique and I find it very photogenic. The exterior is mostly geometric glass panels of different colors.


The geometric columns are supposed to resemble the ballast columns that are commonly found around Iceland that were the result of volcanic action. I find the geometric designs interesting and photogenic. You can find all sorts of photographs.


Hallgrimskirkja is the large Lutheran church in downtown Reykjavik. I’ve visited it before, but I wanted to return on a sunny day and go up to the top of the tower which overlooks Reykjavik. There are great views of the city from the tower, but the church and tower were closed for a service. The same thing happened to me last year. The church was also designed to resemble some of the rugged mountains of Iceland and the ballast column theme continues here like at Harpa. The statue in front of the church is Leif Erikson and was given to Iceland by the US.


I’ll finish with my favorite sculpture in Iceland. Back when I was working, I felt like this guy on some days. Tonight, we meet the tour group and start our journey to the southeast of Iceland.



One thought on “Back to Iceland – 2019 – Day 5

  1. Thanks for all of it, but especially for this update on city street art (I’ve not seen it myself since 2012) and another look at the sculpture of the man with the cube for a head. Happy travels to you.

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