Back to Iceland – 2019 – Day Three

Day three started well but didn’t end that way. We got up and drove across a gravel mountain pass. It was windy and snowing. The studded tires came in handy again. We got to the black church at Budir before sunrise. The church stands out from the snow-covered mountains in the background. Nobody seems to know why some of the Icelandic churches are painted black.


It seems Icelanders frequently put up lite crosses on graves at Christmas time.


We left the Budir church and traveled west along the peninsula. It quickly started to rain and continued for the rest of the day. We decided to just head back to the quest house early. The wind really started to pick up. When we got back to the guest house we could hardly get out of the vehicle because of the wind. We got in and planned on going back out for supper later. At around 6pm we tried to get to the car. I could hardly get the door of the guest house open. I was able to get to the door handle of the car but I couldn’t open the door because of the wind. I could barely keep upright and was about to start crawling back to the door. Jack tired and had no luck either. After some deliberation we decided to go hungry. While I’m writing this the wind is howling like I have never heard. I’m glad to be safe in the guest house. The winds are over 60 miles per hour. We need to leave tomorrow and get over a pass. The wind will die down a little than it is supposed to pick up again about when we need to get over the pass. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. If we make it over and to Borgarnes tomorrow we should be okay. We’ll be out of the worst of it, but it is supposed to get much worse here on the north coast. We need to leave. Here’s a video of Jack trying to get to the car.


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