Evergreen tree on the curb

A tired Christmas tree rests peacefully in the snow

The Evergreen

I lie gently on the snowy ground and rest.
My branches are tired and full from the love, joy, loneliness, and excitement of these past December days.

I was much admired for my colorful ornaments and strings of lights. Vibrantly wrapped. packages surrounded my base. Children whispered their dreams to me.

I lie here now in the quiet where I was gratefully placed. I can still smell roasted turkey and hear the Christmas carols.

I rest, longing to return to the earth. I am ready, full and content.

I welcome the transformation back to rich black soil. I relish the slow years of steady growth.

I will begin anew, growing slowly, back to a lovely evergreen tree reaching up to the sky. I will stand tall and green in the earth’s warm sun. I will await my return to a living room and another Christmas with its days of laughter, love and light.

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