Geo thermal area yesterday

Only 10% of this beautiful country is inhabited.

Tour guides are monitored here so they don’t put in too many hours. ¬†There’s some device in our little bus that keeps track of how much our guide drives each day. ¬†She must take mandatory rests.


Apostle Island Ice Caves

Apostle Island Ice Cave

Riches from this year’s harsh winter: Apostle Island Ice Caves

Bill drove up and joined the hundreds (thousands?) of people who visited the amazing ice caves up in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.

More to come…


Evergreen tree on the curb

A tired Christmas tree rests peacefully in the snow

The Evergreen

I lie gently on the snowy ground and rest.
My branches are tired and full from the love, joy, loneliness, and excitement of these past December days.

I was much admired for my colorful ornaments and strings of lights. Vibrantly wrapped. packages surrounded my base. Children whispered their dreams to me.

I lie here now in the quiet where I was gratefully placed. I can still smell roasted turkey and hear the Christmas carols.

I rest, longing to return to the earth. I am ready, full and content.

I welcome the transformation back to rich black soil. I relish the slow years of steady growth.

I will begin anew, growing slowly, back to a lovely evergreen tree reaching up to the sky. I will stand tall and green in the earth’s warm sun. I will await my return to a living room and another Christmas with its days of laughter, love and light.