Held Hostage at the Ice Rink

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Snowy Chicago morning,

I lean against the ice rink fence.

And immediately see them.

Two skaters with well worn faces,

Glide along, skating in a peaceful dance.


Again and again two pairs of feet lift and

Gently return to the ice

Wordlessly they understand the next move.


Their movements, their grace,

Spoke of a dance from a different time.

Their skating, their style,

Told tales no one else can know.


Look at us, they seem to say,

We have weathered life’s storms.

They lift their skates effortlessly,

Swaying and skating in sync, second nature.


I want to look away but cannot.

My eyes lock on them.

They dance and skate round and round the rink.

This is ours, they seem to say,

This moment, this place.


We skated with life’s sorrows and joys

And made it through

To this place

On this cold winter morning

In a busy city ice rink.



4 thoughts on “Held Hostage at the Ice Rink

  1. Maureen! I really like this poem. You have captured for me the rhythm and the surety of the skaters’ movements, their connection to that place. I could see the synchronicity of the ‘dance’.
    THANK you!
    Barb Zimmerman

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