Tuesday 1/16/2018: My last full day in Iceland. I spent the daylight hours (10:30am to 4pm) exploring the town. I won’t miss the short days, 4 hours of sunlight just doesn’t seem right. I walked about 9 miles in the downtown area. Although the sunlight is short in duration it makes up for it producing beautiful light. Since the light never gets high in the sky it always looks like early morning or late afternoon light. The light was shinning on Esja Mountain across the bay from Reykjavik. When I first arrived to Reykjavik there was very little snow on the mountain, but all the weather we experienced made the mountain beautiful.


I visited Tjornin Pond in front of city hall. A portion of the pond is kept open with warm water. This attracts waterfowl and the locals feed them. With all the feeding going on the pond is sometimes referred to as the largest bowl of bread soup. The swans are whooper swans and the geese are mostly Greylag geese.


Here’s a gaggle of Greylag geese begging on the walkway. They weren’t very aggressive, it was obvious they were used to people.


There is a lot of sculpture around Reykjavik and Iceland in general. I like this sculpture. I imagine some people feel this way sometimes going to work.


Besides the sculpture there are a lot of murals in Reykjavik. Many are permanently on the sides of buildings others are just temporary on building sites. Here a few that I saw this trip.





I’ll end the blog with one last Icelandic hotdog. It was a great trip!


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