Monday 1/15/2018: This is our last day as a group photography tour. It’s been a great trip even though the weather has not always cooperated. Our leaders Jack Graham (Jack Graham Photography) and Ovar Thorgeirsson ( have been great. We had a great group of people and had lots of fun. We’ve had some great Icelandic food and gotten a taste of the very unpredictable Icelandic winter weather.

We planned to photograph along our way back to Reykjavik. Our first stop was to photograph another glacial lagoon (not Jokulsarlon this time). We were hoping for a sunrise to brightly color the mountains and glacier, but the clouds were hiding the sun. This lagoon was frozen over. Here’s a panorama of the lagoon and glacier. There are some people along the shore in the lower left of the image for scale. The coldness of the image accurately depicts how cold it was.


It snowed on and off along the drive back toward the West, and the sun kept popping out providing good light and good scenes to photograph. We stopped along the road to photograph this mountain with a small pond in the foreground.


Our final stop was back near where we started near the small town of Vik. We stopped on an overlook over the Reynisfjara beach near where we had photographed on the first rainy day. The weather cooperated and we got nice sunset images. It was windy again and the ocean was whipped up with large waves.


The drive back was slow because of the snowy and icy roads but Orvar got us safely back to Reykjavik. We had a final meal together and went our separate ways. Everyone else is flying back tomorrow.  I have an extra day since Icelandair doesn’t have a direct flight to Chicago tomorrow.

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