Back to Iceland – 2019 – Day 6 Part 2

We did go out in the evening to see the Aurora Borealis after dinner. Here’s two items that were on the menu. I tired the reindeer which was good, but I passed on Mister Ed.


We drove to a pull off on the Ring Road. There were others also looking for the Northern Lights, including a bus of young Japanese girls. The camera sees northern lights better than the human eye. The Northern Lights were very faint and you could hardly make them out. I think we made the Japanese girl’s day. They couldn’t see the northern lights but they could see them on our camera monitors and they were taking pictures of our monitors. Anyway, it was a disappointing display and we are hoping for better Northern Lights later in the trip. Here’s an image that shows a little green of the Northern Lights and a lot of stars.


I’m going to try and continue the blog but the place we are staying in for three nights has very poor wifi and I’m struggling to get the blog up.





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