Sunday 1/14/2018: Back to the black sand beach at Jokulsarlon. Over night the lagoon partially emptied of icebergs and the pack ice that had formed from the cold weather Iceland was experiencing prior to our trip. The ice was everywhere on the beach and high up on the beach. It’s amazing to think this glacial ice could be 1,000+ years old.


The strong wind was kicking up the surf moving the icebergs around. We had to keep an eye on the ocean because you never knew when a particularly large wave would come in and drench you or worse moving heavy ice towards you.


We made a short stop at Hof to view the old sod roofed church. There are only 6 of these old sod churches left in Iceland.


Our final stop of the day was a glacial arm coming off Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Iceland. This glacier ends in a small lake that flows out to the ocean via a small river. Here’s the glacial tongue and the frozen lake.


Because of the rain during the previous days the ice was quite clean – all the sand and dirt was washed off. This portion of the glacier appears not to be melting as rapidly than at Jokulsarlon.


It’s almost 9:45pm and we are off to try and photograph the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). Tonight is the first clear night we’ve had where we might be able to see them. It’s also going to be really cold outside. I hope we get to see them. We’re going back to Jokulsarlon to try and see them.

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