Traveling tales…

You see our photos from  today, Tuesday in Bordeaux and surrounding area.   We walked around the Bordeaux  riverfront and took in this amazing statue/fountain.    Also saw  the unusual steaming fountain on the ground. The beautiful fruit market and then a Chateaux/winery we visited.

My command of the French language comes in handy at times but often it’s a struggle.    There have been a few hiccups. Our ride from the airport in Paris  didn’t show up but we managed to get another.   Come to think of it, our AMERICAN Taxi didn’t show up to take us to O’hare airport in Chicago!   We called an Uber at the last minute – Uber to the rescue!    Also, people were sitting in our seats on the train from Paris to Bordeaux and very slowly and reluctantly gave them up!

Its an adventure!!!

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