Icelandic Horse Farm

Greetings!  It’s Labor Day but hardly feels like it here.   We spent a night on a “horse farm” where you can rent horses to ride.   The Icelandic beauties were in fields and pens around the hotel and I spent time visiting them.  They weren’t as friendly as other horses — not sure why except these ones are ridden regularly (???) and –yikes– filet of horse is on the menu in the restaurant.

I had to try the horse meat– my father told a story of how they once had such a rough time in Ireland that they had to cook the horse.  I believe the Kids refused  to eat it, being they were fond of the animal.

In honor of that story, I tried a piece of filet of horse.  Okay, only took one bite.  It looked like and sort of tasted like beef only tougher.

On another note, I caught the dreaded cold that everyone seems to have on our bus so today will be a day of rest.




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