Northern Lights here and there…

The group drove 90 minutes to their place to photograph the Northern Lights.  Knowing it was iffy to see them, and tiring of some of our 12-hour days, I stayed back at the hotel.  Relaxed in our warm room and occasionally went outside to check the sky. Went to bed but something called me up and I dressed and went outside at 11:45 PM.  Soooo glad I did!  The Northern Lights lit up the sky right around and above our hotel.  The hotel desk guy had a list of people to wake for the Northern lights and at midnight, he turned on his automated system to call 32 rooms.   People wandered out.  Gasps.   Happy laugher.

We enjoyed quite a show right from the hotel parking lot.  I didn’t have a camera but looked through the lenses of others cameras and even what I saw with my naked eye was thrilling.  The front desk guy rated our viewing a 7 which was even better than our trip here in January.  I ordered a Viking beer to celebrate!  Went to my room and put on as many layers as I could (it was cold!  front desk guy said it was supposed to get down to freezing.)  In the far off is distance I heard a group of people cheering (not our group).  Lots of excitement for this natural wonder!  I went in and out for about an hour and a half and at 1:15 I called it a night.  Very happy to see this wonder.  Bill stumbled in around 2:00 AM.

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