Stubborn little Icelandic dog

image.jpgAt our B&B the other day, the owner had a little black dog much like this one.   He hurried through our open door and plopped down on our rug and settled in as if this was his room.  Bill tried coaching the dog out and the little scamp wouldn’t budge.  Bill gently pleaded with him, holding our door open and gesturing to get the little guy moving.  The dog stayed put, unmoved.  Bill headed downstairs to see if the owner would have better luck and as soon as Bill walked down a few steps our little friend got up and hurried out our door.   Later Bill said, maybe the pooch didn’t understand English, only Icelandic.  He seemed happy with that idea and I didn’t tell him how I witnessed the owner calling for the dog in Icelandic downstairs and how the dog just stayed put.  This little Icelandic dog simply does as he pleases!

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