A Fantasy Thanksgiving

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Maureen’s Fantasy Thanksgiving, written in her writers circle in  November, 2011 in response to this prompt:  Your typical Thanksgiving plans have fallen through.  Now you get to create your perfect Thanksgiving celebration.  What does it look and feel like?

Maureen’s Fantasy Thanksgiving…

My phone rings and I learn that a stomach flu sweeps my mother’s retirement home and my brother’s house.  Time for Plan B for Thanksgiving….

The phone rings again.  The caller is from Whole Foods and says we have just won a full Thanksgiving dinner for two, along with two bottles of their very best, most expensive wine.  Come on over! I say, and hang up.  Bill asks me what the fuss is all about and he springs into a cartwheel up on the loft above when he hears the news.

The door bell rings.  Now what?  It’s a telegram.  I give the delivery guy  a big tip.  Hell, it’s Thanksgiving.  I open the telegram.  It’s from the State of Illinois and it’s telling me that they have enclosed a check for $10 million dollars.  Wow!  I will quit my job – after I give a month’s notice.  Bill decides he’ll keep working.

Now we have all day to decide what to do with the money.  It frees us up to do things differently.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ve always wanted to do more for the homeless and for needy children.  I’m going to make big plans to help both.  What a grand day!

We eat the large, delicious, healthy meal from Whole Foods.  They said the turkey has special affects on people.  I hop on the scale and see that I’ve lost 20 pounds!  Excellent!  All of my clothes will look better.  Bill, too, drops unwanted weight.  We are loving this!

My favorite people start stopping over.  I won’t name them but they’re beloved family and friends and I’m totally up for these visits.  Oddly, they’re perfectly timed so as one drives off, the other drives up.  They bring me flowers.  Personal notes and poems.  They share these touching messages and go their merry way.

I’m feeling well fed, thin and extremely loved.  Bill and I are gleeful with the day.

My boss calls to tell me they’ve solved all of our business problems and my last month of employment will be so very easy and pleasant.

I decide to spend some of my time counseling anyone who need and wants it.  Part of my time writing.  More time keeping this new thin body fit.  Bill and I will speed up some of our travel destinations and we’ll bring people with us.  Or send them on their own if we/they prefer.

I find how I spend my time going forward to be  very rewarding.  I sleep soundly every night, dropping deeply into restful sleep soon after my head hits the pillow and sleep undisturbed all night.

The turkey leftovers continue with their magic.  I learn all about forgiveness.  I master this ability and now experience a far richer, meaningful life.  I spread the ability to forgive.

The whole world becomes a safer, more loving place.  Newspapers surge with happy news.  People go back to reading them.

The old don’t mind dying.  We all get more comfortable with death.  Dying.  Separating.  We do it joyfully.

We embrace life with all of its joys and mysteries.

The day is coming to an end.  As the sun sets, a special light glows above all of the houses as far as you can see.  This light is a new way, starting this Thanksgiving Day – a new way for all of us – to live, to love, to forgive, to be grateful.  To embrace a turkey or vegetarian dinner – to experience the magic.

I wish you all this special light, love, forgiveness, peace and every happiness during this holiday season.  And always.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Writer, journalers and nonwriters alike:  Pull out some paper and write your own fantasy Thanksgiving!  And have a beautiful Turkey Day!

Fantasy thanksgiving 2

Fantasy THanksgiving

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