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I’m still a rookie with this blog but here goes.  I wanted to say more about the weekend away.  We started at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers with a good ol’ Wisconsin fish fry, I had perch and Bill had haddock with cole slaw and baked potatoes.  It was great.  Then a walk along the beach in back of the hotel.  We have stayed at the Lighthouse Inn many times, but always in winter to break up our drive to Door County, or in May for the light house fest.  We’d never been there during a summer month and I was shocked, in a good way, at the change.  The place was much livelier with people enjoying the walk in back, the beach and some rode bikes on the trail.  Insects chirped and sang loudly, making a nice summery background noise.  The moon cast its glow on the lakes’ waves.  And in one big storm cloud, lightning kept striking inside the cloud.  It was something to see — a bright lightning bolt lighting up inside a cloud.  A couple sat on a big swing outside and watched the show.  What great entertainment, I thought.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant there which is perfectly set on the rocky shore of Lake Michigan — it’s quite a view to start your day.  Then we drove the short distance to Algoma and found the Ahnapee bike trail head.  We rode for an hour through farmland and wooded areas.  We stopped at a couple of parks.  It was a beautiful day with temperatures around 80 degrees.  Dragonflies accompanied me here and there.  A tiny baby rabbit darted across the path at one point. 

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